Research Workshops

Who is this for?

Research workshops focus on the collection of information to lay the groundworks for design.

In this workshops you'll learn how to collect, interpret and analyse information about clients, the business and the end users of products.

Design Workshops

Who is this for?

Design Workshops focus on the techniques to bring your ideas to life and present them to other people.

Here you'll learn how to translate the findings from Research into real interfaces by using several techniques to deveolp the design further and to document it for production.

Strategy Workshops

Who is this for?

Strategy workshops go a little bit further than research and design. They're mostly aimed at seasoned professionals, team leaders or professionals in roles on a management level. They are aimed at Experience Planners and Managers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders and Project Managers.

But even if you didn't got that far in your career yet, you will still benefit from learning the management and leadership skills provided by these workshops.